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A Survey of Narrative Design

in Games


Examining the Story-Driven


the Mechanics-Driven Approach



Welcome to my Senior Capstone Project for the completion of my Bachelor of Arts in Narrative Studies.


This presentation was given virtually due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, and has now been uploaded here.

In it, I explore the role of narrative in enhancing the video game experience, taking a closer look at the storytelling advantages and challenges unique to games as a medium, and how the approach to writing differs from game to game, especially between those which center around story VS gameplay mechanics.


Special thanks to my teachers and professors: Christopher Freeman, James Bjorkquist, Drew Casper, Flint Dille, Dennis Estrada, Daniel Fishman,

Marianne Krawczyk, Richard Lemarchand,

and William Yance Wyatt.

Thank you to my colleagues: Ryota “Ike” Dan, Nicolas Defrank, Arnold Ha, Brian Handy,
Gabriel Juarez, and Mari Kyle.

Nicholas Roland Solari's

Narrative Studies Capstone

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