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: Published

     In this Flash Fiction, a veteren remembers his experience of Afghanistan before awakening to reality.

     This Poem (pg. 27) explores the nature of silence itself and its many forms.

: Unpublished
(Excerpts Available)

     An investigation into an extra-planetary colony gone dark yields disturbing results. (This log recorded in compliance with ADCP #2788, Article 9, Section 4) Short Story

     A young couple's road trip takes a dramatic turn when a ranger recommends a detour to avoid a forest fire. Short Story

     A Soviet-Era political prisoner escapes the gulag to reunite with his daughter. Short Story

     In their private cabin in the woods, a young man struggles to continue to remain with and care for his older, senile wife. Short Story

     A couple in rural Georgia prepares a meal during challenging times. Short Story

     From his post in his church's bell-tower, a clergyman observes dark happenings in the graveyard and investigates. Short Story

     A mysterious writer and father dies, and his many works go unread - even by his estranged son. The boy has no time for his father's papers and so the man eludes his understanding until a young slush reader enters his life. She changes everything. Short Story

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